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Cofi is a web3 application built on the Ethereum and Solana networks that allows users to raise, direct, and prove funding for both themselves and others. Depositors piggyback on the ever-growing Decentralized Finance ecosystem, providing liquidity to stable-asset pools with optimized APY interest rates. That interest is directed by the user in "stake streams" to designated recipients - coalescing as a single source of funding for any Ethereum wallet account.

Every Cofi financial action is powered using the decentralized web3 stack, which means that it too can be used, in turn, to add to the functionality of other web3 compatible applications. This developer documentation portal is designed to help other developers learn how to use the Cofi smart contracts, provide understanding of their fundamental mechanisms, and contextualize the use-cases and unique value proposition that Cofi brings to the DeFi ecosystem.

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How does Cofi make money grow so fast with crypto but without crypto risk?

🪄 | Rewards

Get unique, verifiable, and rare digital rewards from those you support - no NFTs required.

Learn about our default non-custodial wallet system with its perks-and-features.

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